Pallet Routine with Flexx Reference

Step 1: Capture the FlexxFeature Reference Point

  • Make sure the station interface block is installed at the station or workcell.

  • Use the UR+ toolbar to Free Drive the robot into the station interface block and lock it out using the black and gold clamps.

Free Drive


  • Click the Set Feature button to capture the position of the reference point.

Set FlexxFeature
  • Unlock the Flexx Lockout and move the robot approximately 10-15 centimeters away from the lockout.

  • Click the Set Approach button to capture the approach position.

Step 2: Create a Pallet Program

  • Add a Flexx Reference Node and select the FlexxFeature taught in Step 1.

  • Add a Move and waypoint above nested beneath the Flexx Reference Node.

  • Teach this waypoint as a position near the pallet.

  • After the waypoint is taught. Click the Update Button in the Flexx Reference Node!!! this will convert the waypoint into the selected FlexxFeature frame. It is critical that this is done before moving the robot and re-capturing the FlexxFeature.


  • Add the pallet routine to the program tree. Do NOT nest it beneath the Flexx Reference node.

  • On the Pallet node, select the FlexxFeature you are using under the Feature setting. Order of operations is very important here! Ensure the the FlexxFeature is set PRIOR to selecting the feature, and that the Feature is selected in the Pallet routine PRIOR to teaching the pallet.

  • Teach the pallet per normal programming routines. Make sure that the TCP is set correctly prior to teaching the waypoints.

  • Run the robot program to verify that all is working correctly.

Step 3: Test the Offset

  • Move the robot slightly and navigate to the installation tab.

  • Select the FlexxFeature that needs to be updated.

  • Click the Move to Approach button. This will approximately align the robot with the Flexx Lockout. NOTE: During normal operation it is recommended to finalize the robot program after the alignment is performed to get it close to the previous position. This helps with accuracy and

  • FreeDrive the robot and lock the robot in place using the Lockout and black / gold collars.

  • Click the Update Feature to offset the robot.

  • Unlock the Lockout and free drive away from the unit.

  • Navigate to the program and test that the offset has been applied to both the waypoint near the pallet as well as the pallet positions themselves.